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The Strange Ones

Day twenty of NaPoWriMo. Today’s prompt is a tricky one. To write in the voice of someone in your family. It’s hard enough to keep track of your own thoughts. To speak from someone else’s perspective? How do I do that? Thankfully there was also a helpful suggestion. Try the voice of your four year old niece. Since I have a three year old nephew I thought he would be an interesting choice.

Why do you insist, on carrying me?
When I have legs, to take me around.
Why change your voice, when talking to me?
Its not cute when you, mimic my sound.

I’ll admit that I, like attention.
Don’t keep staring, at all that I do.
You might have, a noble intention.
But what I do, does not concern you.

Please let me eat, when and what I want.
My feeding is not, entertainment.
Whatever I do, why do you haunt?
Why do you behave, like a government?

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Learn to Draw

Day nineteen of NaPoWriMo. Rather odd prompt for today. To write a poem based on the names of seashells.

As long as I can remember,
To learn to draw, has been a dream.
Masterpiece, a stickman figure,
To blow off my creative steam.

To push myself, I thought I’d shade.
Making the face an incised moon.
A strawberry top I had made,
For lips by adding shades too soon.

A triangular nutmeg for chin,
A scalp like a Peruvian hat,
Unequal sweetbitter feeling,
Watching the disgraced art I sat.

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True Calling

Day eighteen of NaPoWriMo. Today’s challenge is to write a ruba’i, which is a Persian style.

I always thought, I would figure out,
What I wanna do, without a doubt.
Rich and powerful, I thought I’d become,
Relishing my high status and clout.

Slowly did I realize, as I grew.
Power and money won’t see me through.
To have a deep and meaningful life,
Find your true calling and follow through.

There lies the biggest problem you’ll find,
Solving the riddle that’s in your mind.
Whatever you do with your time here,
Its important to always be kind.

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Fried Fish

Day seventeen of NaPoWriMo. Well into the second half of the month. Today’s prompt is to describe something by using at least three of the five senses. Being a foodie, I had to pick something edible to describe.

The fragrance from the kitchen was unmistakable,
The odor will repel those only into vegetable(s).
The crackling sound of fish frying in oil,
Puts me in a mood that no one can spoil.
The golden flesh under the crispy skin,
Makes me impatient till I stuff it in.
The flesh is gentle, even better when hot,
But beware, the bones are sharp I kid you not.
The heavenly taste and the layered texture,
May risk your wind pipe getting a puncture.

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White Lies

Day sixteen of NaPoWriMo. Today’s challenge is to lie. (Which in itself is not much of a challenge.) I thought I’ll write about the lies that were told to me.

You’re not ours, you were adopted,
Found you on a street abandoned.
Study hard, or in life you’ll lose,
Doctor or Engineer, you choose.
For if you’re not one of those two,
There’s no hope, whatever you do.
By thirty if you’re not married,
You’re doomed to live your life worried.
Marry late, you won’t have children,
In old age you’ll be forgotten.

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Day fifteen of NaPoWriMo. At half way it looks pretty straightforward that I would be able to finish NaPoWriMo this year as well. Today’s prompt is to write a terza rima. Bonus points if I could write it in an iambic pentameter. If these words seem new to you, you are not alone. I found out what they mean only a few minutes ago.

I left behind the world I know as I,
Longed to travel beyond, the trees and hills.
Childhood was good, but now I can’t get by.

New risks will be taken, as they bring thrills.
I will keep on roaming, till the next day.
Before the wild landscape, with light it fills.

I will make sure, I don’t forget my way.
I can’t afford, to go back to my place.
People made me, leave town by what they say.

No one can catch me, now as I set pace.
Explore the wild, and see all the mysteries.
One day I may, give birth to a new race.

Enough cried and blamed, for my own tragedies.
Today I’m free, I can follow my dreams.
I’m now equipped, to fight many maladies.

No one paid heed, to my painful loud screams.
With each moment, life becomes bit clearer.
I will survive, as hopeless as it seems.

I’m set to live, the life of a wanderer.

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Public Opinion

Day fourteen of  NaPoWriMo. Today’s ‘questionable’ prompt requires no explanation. So I’ll jump right into it. Or should I?

Can you say the alphabet without looking?
Do you know any rhymes you can sing?
Who do you love more, Mom or Dad?
Who do you wanna be when you grow up?

Why can’t you get a better grade?
Why do you wait for the exams to study?
Why can’t you be more like your friend?
Who do you wanna be when you are older?

Where would you like to work?
Have you thought about your future?
Why do you take things so lightly?
Why can’t you be more responsible?

Why can’t you be like everyone else?
Why do you have to disagree with everything?
Why can’t you just be normal?
I live for myself and not by your laws.


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