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High Priestess

Day twenty three of NaPoWriMo. Today’s prompt is in two stages. First to pick a card from a deck and write about it. It could be any deck, like playing cards, tarot, UNO among others. I thought tarot cards would be the most interesting. The second step is to make a poem out of the passage you wrote. The card I picked was ‘The High Priestess’.


The High Priestess picture courtesy: Wikimedia foundation

I’m not a believer in tarot cards,
But there’s a fascination for it.
The high priestess reminds me about, Ancient Greece, their city states and, Patron gods, goddesses and their, Priests and also priestesses.

It does not make me feel spiritual.
I do love reading mythology.
Plenty of fascinating stories. 
Exotic creatures and powerful gods.
It’s like an ancient version of,
Lord of the rings or Harry Potter.

Priestesses have more or less had,
A passive role in most stories.
Unlike the gods and goddesses,
They did exist though. Perhaps there are, still a few left, though we don’t hear.

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Day twenty two of NaPoWriMo. Today’s prompt is to write about nature, since we are observing earth day.


A rainbow above my office after the rains.

At the end of a hot and draining day,
It’s a relief to see a cloudy sky.
Clouds that bring an early end to the day.
Flashes of lightning, brightening the night sky.

People run around, panic in the air,
Trying to find shelter from harmless drops.
You wonder why it is such a big scare,
The city’s under siege till the rain stops.

It’s only the kids who seem to enjoy,
Apart from those who are still young at heart.
We must have forgotten the little joy,
Of playing in the rain with all your heart.

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Day twenty one of NaPoWriMo. Today’s prompt was my least favorite so far. I always feel uneasy doing erasure. I am never happy with the end product as well. I came close to writing a poem without the prompt. Later I changed my mind. When I found this, I thought it would be fun to play with the text.


Original text


Modified poem like entity

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Day twenty of NaPoWriMo. Today’s prompt is to write about facts. I thought I’d take this opportunity to write against some false facts.

A cat crossing your path is not bad luck,
The same way a horseshoe does not bring luck.
There’s no risk to walk under a ladder,
Friday the thirteenth is like any other.

Luck itself is only an illusion,
Probability will clear your confusion.
To influence luck is way beyond our scope,
The only thing you can do is to hope.

If wishes and prayers were to come true,
You would not be forced to work now would you?
Stars, stones and numbers don’t influence your life,
Even now such superstitions are rife.

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Gender Bias

Day nineteen of NaPoWriMo. Today’s challenge is to write a Landay. It was fascinating to see the history of this form of poetry. You can’t help wonder about the plight of those women. In my part of the world things are certainly better, but sexism is still rampant. Whether it be jokes or popular culture.

Today we claim to have equality,
A closer look at the facts will reveal the reality.

We may not be in a conflict zone,
Our problems are often unseen by those on the throne.

Often blamed for the problems we face,
Conservative bigots bash us to increase their fan base.

There is always a curfew for us,
The length of our skirt, the hottest topic to discuss.

Jokes about rape are considered cool,
If you object you’re either a spoilsport or a fool.

Seen as a property in a marriage,
True independence remains elusive at every age.

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Day eighteen of NaPoWriMo. Today’s prompt is about an urgent message/journey. An interesting experience during my student days. This is about an important message that did not reach me.

Schooldays are fun for almost everyone,
Except the time when exams are happening.
People scared as if threatened by a gun.
To me that always seemed quite amusing.

As someone who studies on the day before,
I would turn up with some sort of a plan.
It was unlikely for me to therefore,
To panic or be the most worried man.

Then this day comes, I walk in as usual,
Walking around, I feel there’s something wrong.
I become aware, I’m no more casual,
I lie to myself, trying to stay strong.

Everyone seems to be preparing,
For a subject I’m not expecting soon.
I then confirm my worst fears by checking,
My friends look and laugh like I’m a buffoon.

There’s hardly any time, it’s just too late,
It’s hopeless, I have messed up really bad.
It’s pointless to write, I’ve sealed my fate,
Nothing could be done in the time I had.

Now are they playing a horrible prank,
To get back at me for the things I’d done?
Surely I could trust someone to be frank.
And no one would do such a thing for fun.

Feeling suffocated and gasping for air,
Woke up in bed, to the sound of a snore.
The whole thing turned out to be a nightmare,
I was not even in school anymore.

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My Virtual World

Day seventeen of NaPoWriMo. Today’s prompt is to write a poem with a social network theme.

Social media has plenty of critics,
Sometimes blamed for all of society’s ills.
Their objections are dismissed as antics,
Drawbacks forgiven for the time it kills.

I have made all kinds of friends I can think,
Some of them retired, some still go to school.
Updates from friends or an interesting link,
If you use it right, it’s a handy tool.

To find people who share common interests,
Who help you carry forward with your dreams.
You have to be weary of a few pests,
The best things though, are those creative memes.

Activists fighting for a noble cause,
Internet goons trying to push their view,
All keep scrolling till something makes them pause.
They like, comment till they find something new.

Like everything else there is good and bad,
You do what you like and know right from wrong.
About social media, you will feel glad,
You’ll be hooked to it before it’s too long.


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