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Birthday Song

I did not imagine I would be posting anything here till next April. The first few weeks of May, seemed hollow without NaPoWriMo. A lack of inspiration seemed to dampen my mood despite the second successful completion of NaPoWriMo. I had enough. I had to write. A friend’s birthday was around the corner. So that gave me plenty of inspiration. I thought I’d use the “Iambic Pentameter” (Or what I think it is) to write this one.

Before writing though, I thought it should have a background picture. After pondering on that for a while, I mustered the courage to create the background image (I have been learning to sketch, even though the results may not suggest that). My writing felt clunky as I tried hard to keep to the format. I got enveloped by that familiar feeling of trying to find rhyming words and fitting them into sentences which would at least remotely make some sense.  This is the result.


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Forgotten Friend

Day thirty of NaPoWriMo. Which also happens to be the last day. At least for this year. Today’s prompt is apt for the day. To write a farewell poem. Most probably this would be my last post here for this year as well. Thank you Maureen.

It was through a common friend that we met,
We hit it off from the first time we talked.
You were one of the best friends one could get,
None of the views shared were mocked.

Every silly instance we would have shared,
We talked about all the things under the sun,
Happy feeling we had a friend who cared.
When I look back, surely those days were fun.

It felt special when you called me at three,
You were disturbed someone had died next door.
You knew I would sleep late and should be free,
You must have placed some trust in me therefore.

You called me to invite for your wedding.
After that day friendship never was same.
I planned to come and I kept on planning,
My plans collapsed I don’t recall what came.

Never did I receive a call from you,
I could not find what it was that went wrong.
After that day I could not call you too.
I wish someday we meet and talk for long.

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Lost Caterpillar

Day twenty nine of NaPoWriMo. Hard to believe NaPoWriMo ends today. Perhaps it’s befitting that today’s prompt appears to be the most challenging one I have seen here. The challenge itself is called ‘Twenty Little Poetry Projects’. In a way its like using twenty different prompts in one poem.

A caterpillar does not fly,
They feel so soft and eatable.
They keep eating leaves without sound.
While some come in vibrant colors,
Some come with stink glands for defense.
How they would taste I do not know,
To me they always seemed bitter.

Someone told me while in Mysore,
Caterpillars can be noisy,
If Superman was from krypton
Doesn’t that prove aliens exist?
Sometimes I just think about it.
I am such a wantrepreneur.
Nimisha texted me right now,
Sumne othla odi beda.

A playful creature of hunger,
Hangs on leaves as firm as the trunk.
Jumping between trees feet apart.
That’s when Butchi showed some interest.

The caterpillar shall grow fast,
And turn a clumsy butterfly.
It will be the strongest creature.
The trees would bow down to it’s might,
somos todos macacos right?
The caterpillar gnaws for now.

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Charged Up

Day twenty eight of NaPoWriMo. Two days remaining and a strange emptiness looms large. Today’s prompt is to write a poem using words from a news article. I chose this article.

What if life is a long held assumption?
When the chemistry that could extend life,
Beyond what was thought earlier possible,
Translates into years or even decades.

Ion conducting electrolyte in,
New battery design has dual functions,
Cathode supplement, ion conductor,
It serves as both and extends the lifespan.

Fundamental research makes possible,
Through new design mechanism that a,
Battery could last thirty to fifty years.
A pacemaker now could last a lifetime.

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Something my BFF gave me

Day twenty seven of NaPoWriMo. Today’s prompt is to write an Ekphrastic Poem. That is to write a poem based on a picture. What I wrote yesterday was an ode to friendship. I don’t think I had enough of it. Hence I thought I’ll write today’s based on friendship as well.

Best thing you find in a school is a friend,
Friendship perhaps is the first thing you earn.
They get broken and you might have to mend,
That’s how you grow and to forgive you learn.

Precious are the handful friendships that last,
Most just wither in a few years apart.
Some find it hard but some make friends quite fast,
It’s quite tricky much like matters of heart.

Every once in a while or a lifetime,
You meet someone with whom you can relate.
You can hardly believe how your thoughts rhyme,
Thoughts may also differ but don’t cause hate.

Unlike your kin your friends you get to choose.
Who you put your trust in you’ve to be wise.
A real good friend you can’t afford to lose,
In a lifetime they may hardly come twice.

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Day twenty six of NaPoWriMo. Hard to believe that there are only four days left. Today’s challenge is to write a ‘Curtal Sonnet’.


No matter what point, of your life you are in,
You will always need, a friend to count on.
One who’d get you out, of the spot you’re in,
One who’ll stand by when, admirers are gone.
One who understands, the mood that you’re in,
Treats you no different, when conflicts are born.

Is more than a mere, shoulder to cry on,
To share in your joy, and sorrow alike.
When things seem hopeless, and your confidence torn,
Lifts up your spirit, that’s what a friend’s like.
To my best friend.

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Day twenty five of NaPoWriMo. Today’s prompt is to write a poem using an Anaphora. Anaphora being a repeating phrase. This one is inspired by the growth of the concrete jungle all around the city.

There’s space over there, between those buildings,
Before someone sees, let’s build something there.
There’s some barren land, outside the city,
No one uses it, let’s build something there.

That lake is dried up, for quite a while now,
Lay a foundation, let’s build something there.
That place over there, claimed to be haunted,
Abandoned it is, let’s build something there.

No one knows who owns, the land behind mine.
Put a fence around, let’s build something there.
Let’s build something there, wherever we can,
Illegal rackets, are suppressed by bribes.


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