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Parietal Lobe

Day twenty seven of NaPoWriMo. Today’s challenge is to write about taste.



It was a day when I had the feeling,

I should try to eat something new today.

I had tried most of the cuisines I could,

What was it that I’d had never before?

There’s something that I’d avoided before,

Maybe now is the time to go for it.

Taking a moment of deliberation,

Staring at it’s name in the menu card.

I watched it’s long journey to my table,

Sizing it up before getting a taste.

As it was on it’s way into my mouth,

I prepared for the new taste to hit me.

It wasn’t like anything I had tried,

The texture of butter, metallic taste,

It felt nutritious and filling to me.

Thoughts came to me while finishing the meal.

The new tastes registered in my own brain,

Produced by another animal brain,

Capable of registering taste itself,

Made it an experience, I can’t forget.

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Age of the Ancients

Day twenty six of NaPoWriMo is a challenge to write about an object from a far off perspective. I hope my poem makes sense to the reader in terms of the object and the perspective.


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After years of rigorous research,

Our scholars have uncovered secrets.

The strange object with the metal edge,

Has hidden in it secrets from past.

It has languages that we don’t speak,

There are beings that we haven’t yet seen.

It could be history or our future,

It speaks of prophecies yet to come.

It shows a time when trees come to life,

Humanoids as big as trees fight wars.

A race of people with pointy ears,

People in different sizes and shapes.

Surely such a time is yet to come,

Most of such beings have never been seen.

There’s an old man in a pointy hat,

Who appears to be our guiding light.

There’s also this ring that’s important,

It’s destruction alone can save us.

Let’s be wary of strange looking rings,

Let’s wait for our savior in white robes.

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Little Black Box

Day twenty five of NaPoWriMo challenged me to write about a small but meaningful space.

In my little cupboard right at the back,

There’s a tiny cardboard box that’s black.

Covered on top by transparent plastic,

You’d see too tiny plastic bags in it.

The two tiny bags are transparent too.

One contains plastic, the other one’s metal.

Both signify things of immense power.

Too much power that’s too good to be true.

Essentially evil, pursued by many,

To resist it’s power is a great feat.

It may seem to help you in times of need,

But the ring of power only serves one.

A powerful weapon, a life giving stone,

And a cloak of invisibility too.

Gifted by death itself to three brothers,

Put together make the deathly hallows.

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Animal Kingdom Returns

Day twenty four of NaPoWriMo challenges to write a poetry inspired by the marginalia on medieval manuscripts. 

Humans have ruled the planet for too long,

Changing it in everyway that seemed right,

The greed and recklessness was bound to cost,

As always, the price will have to be paid.

Agriculture was where we started off,

Modifying plants to be our food crops.

Claiming the land from all other life forms,

Establishing a total dominance.

Most of the danger has come from ourselves,

Something we create will most certainly,

Be responsible for our final doom,

It could be happening now, we just don’t know.

We have been trying our best to make this place,

More hazardous for our own survival.

We refuse to see the wrongs that we’ve done.

Our selfish greed puts us ahead of all.

Our opinions are now better than facts,

What’s more profitable seems to be right.

Critiques are met with personal attacks,

People in power can’t seem to be wrong.

As we head slowly to imminent doom,

Maybe the future is not all that bleak.

Life like all things must go through ups and downs,

Life will bounce back once humans are extinct.

Moss and shrubs will grow over the concrete,

Wild plants and trees will reclaim the farmlands.

Freeflowing water may change the landscape,

Climate will improve and life shall flourish.

Time will slowly erase all evidence,

Of a spicies that killed itself with greed.

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Day twenty three of NaPoWriMo challenge is to write a couple of elevenies. I thought, I should write three.


Engulfs you,

Burns you up,

Brings out destructive urges.



Sinks you,

Sucks your energy,

Can’t leave your bed,



Takes hold,

You get stuck,

No room to manouver,


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Concrete Landscape

Day twenty two of NaPoWriMo required me to write a georgic. As I have gotten used to, I thought about twisting the prompt and writing an antithesis of a georgic with hopefully, a satirical feel.

Better weapons and a stronger army,

Is what every developing country needs.

A strong economy enables this,

Through a rapid industrialization.

Industries may rise, where farmlands once stood,

Efficient farmers can work with less space.

Mining and timber industries must thrive,

Forests and environment won’t take us far.

Animal rights, tribal rights and the like,

Are stumbling blocks in the path of progress.

Activism thwarts our poor entrepreneurs,

From making the best of what nature gives.

Development sometimes needs trees to be cut,

We’re free to plant trees in another place.

Tribes and key animals can be shifted,

Should they come in the way of our progress.

We all know global warming is a hoax,

Those activists want to halt our progress.

They hate our country and our great progress,

We trust in money to take us forward.

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Unheard Conversation

Day twenty one of NaPoWriMo requires me to write about an overheard conversation or a phrase. As the name suggests, I chose to write about something I didn’t hear.

I was back from a full-day team outing,

Getting to a night time half marathon.

I stopped for a snack at a fast food joint.

One last meal to help me finish the run.

Probably not what my body required,

Not my first time explains complacency.

After a full day of overeating,

Maybe my stomach should’ve earned some rest.

Better to be stuffed than starving I thought,

With that happy thought, I stepped out of there.

I noticed someone standing in my way,

She had her head down, talking on the phone.

She looked up, as I was walking past her,

I recognized her as an ex-colleague.

I flashed a smile at her instinctively,

She smiled back too, but I froze in my stride.

There was a teardrop streaking down her cheek,

Her eyes appeared full, signalling more tears.

Should I keep walking as she was on call?

Should I stop to check if she was alright?

By then I had walked a little ahead,

Our eyes were locked, her phone still in her ear.

I walked away without interference,

Wondering what she might be talking about.