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Style or Substance

Day thirty of NaPoWriMo. Even though April is already over, I guess finishing within 24 hours of the last prompt should suffice. I have around 90 minutes left. Today’s prompt is to write the last line first and work your way up to your opening. Once finished, it would look normal since I’ll be writing each line above the previous line. This being the last poem of the year, I thought I’ll write about writing itself.

I prefer to write on specific themes,
Forcing a style, often ruins the work.
Techniques and rhymes are all over rated,
Style over substance is a false notion.

Using rigid syllable counts, and forced rhymes,
It could get technical and non-creative
Some days you feel pumped, lines fill up the page.
Then there are days, when your mind just goes blank.

The search for inspiration, interrupted by,
The smartphone beeps and the noise from TV.
For a poet there’s hardly anything,
That’s as intimidating as a blank page.

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Day twenty nine of NaPoWriMo. Only one day remaining. Today’s prompt is to write a poem in the form of a review.

I was in the mood to eat something strange,
Found something I had never tried before.
Once I had confirmed it’s availability,
I made up my mind to finally try it.

Once it arrived, I just stared for a while,
Took a picture to show it to my friends.
The spoon went in, as if it were butter,
I did wish though the portion was bigger.

The texture was soft, but to my surprise,
The taste something, entirely new for me.
A metallic taste, it melts in your mouth,
The portion doesn’t seem small anymore.

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Day twenty eight of NaPoWriMo. Two more days to go. Today’s prompt is to write about a bridge. It could be a real one or a metaphorical one. I chose to write about a metaphorical one.

There was a time when all kinds of rumors,
However weird, would fly around unchecked.
With no way to check the truth in those claims,
The newspapers had to dispel those myths.

Facts and fallacies were hard to distinguish,
Even to a learned, smart, know it all.
Today it’s easier, to refute such claims,
The worldwide web is at your fingertips.

However the rumors have not died down,
Preying on the naïve, spreading faster.
There has been encouraging signs lately,
Content would be ranked as per accuracy.

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Day twenty seven of NaPoWriMo. It is so close to the end. Today’s prompt is to write a hay(na)ku. I’m still catching up after a busy weekend. One day behind.

Feeling confused,
About what’s bothering.

Am probably,
Missing my friends.

Simply stare,
At blank spaces.

Saddens me,
I know not.

In a dazed state.

That’s trapped,
In a routine.

Absent minded,
And witless drone.

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Lady of Rohan

Day twenty six of NaPoWriMo. Getting really close to the end of another April. The challenge for today is to write a persona poem. To write in the voice of a famous person, someone from history or even from fiction. Since I have written a handful of poems that could be called fanfiction, I thought I might as well write another one.

I was born into a royal family,
But my life has been anything but princely.
Most of my life was spent in servitude,
All that refused to dampen my attitude.

My uncle was always my priority,
Ever since he lost grasp over reality.
Once I was rescued, I thought I’d be free,
But they could not see the fighter in me.

I still rode with them, without them knowing,
To the battlefield, to join the fighting.
Fighting for freedom, rubbing my shoulders,
With those who would be the best of soldiers.

My uncle fell, he was struck by a blow,
At the mercy of his deadliest foe.
Thrusting myself between them I stood there,
Undeterred under that vile creatures glare.

He was taunting me till I slayed his beast,
Who thought he could make my uncle his feast.
I plunged my sword into his formless head,
To protect my uncle, I had him dead.

I would have died without my little friend,
Whose bravery brought the creature to its end.

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The Hammer

Day twenty five of NaPoWriMo. Today’s prompt is to write a Clerihew. I started thinking of interesting names. I liked the style because I tend to do a lot of forced rhyming. I thought I’ll write a bunch from the scene of a movie that I recently saw.

Clint Barton,
Thought he could lift a tonne,
The hammer gave a fight,
Too strong for his might.

Tony Stark,
Had in his eyes a spark.
With tech he thought he would succeed,
Mjolnir though would not pay heed.

Bruce Banner,
Wasn’t much of a planner.
It was pointless having a go.
When he had failed as his alter ego.

Natasha Romanoff,
Is not a show off.
She keeps a low profile,
Finds the challenge juvenile.

Steve Rogers,
Among all other challengers,
Was the only one who made it budge,
Almost worthy if the hammer were to judge.

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The Priestess Returns

Day twenty four of NaPoWriMo. For the first time, I seem to be behind schedule. Today’s prompt is to write a parody or satire on an existing poem or one of your own. I would prefer to use one of my own so that I do not end up ruining the works of real poets. I chose to use the last poem I wrote ‘ The High Priestess’.

Tarot cards are a fancy scam,
Hence I chose to write about it.
The priestess card should have been good,
But clearly the poem was not.
Ancient Greece had better things than,
Those useless priests and priestesses.
Scamming peasants and kings alike,
With stories fit for comic books.

Better stories have been written,
The myths inspired generations though,
Forcing them to worship something,
To give the lazy, a good job.
When they were mere storytellers.


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