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Inappropriate Intention

Day four of NaPoWriMo. An unusual prompt. Spaceship names from books of Iain M. Banks. I utilised the option to create my own spaceship name. This unfortunate spaceship is likely to have issues with self-confidence. Among the provided names I liked ‘Jaundiced Outlook’.

Actions may speak louder than words,
And pens are often mightier than swords.
The things you say and do, makes you who you are.
But no one gets to know, what your intentions truly are.

We lie and act and play the part, that always shows us in good light.
We make up stories, hide the truth to show everyone we are right.
Bad intentions are aptly hidden, buried under the surface all along.
We only get to know about them, when something has gone terribly wrong.

We need to fight our inner demons, to find out who we truly are,
Else we risk acting out of instinct, and wait for things to go too far.
Dig deep to see if you harbor an inappropriate intention,
You may be surprised to see what comes out of a conscience dissection.


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