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The Glutton

After skipping the challenges on day five and six of NaPoWriMo, I jump straight to Day Seven. I know many of you could identify with the below thoughts. While it is not an advisable lifestyle to follow. Most of us would have found ourselves from time to time in such a situation.

All my pants, keep getting tighter.
My wallet shrinks as it becomes lighter.
It cheers me up, when I go to eat out.
There is no thought, more painful than having to work out.

A family meal, I can eat with ease.
I like my burger with lots of cheese.
The things I love, are to sleep and eat.
Right now I feel like I should grab a bite.

All I want are some fries and chips.
Pizza and garlic bread with cheese dips.
I can’t keep my hands off anything yummy.
What do I do about my ever-growing tummy?


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