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Why am I the way I am?

Day ten of the NaPoWriMo challenge. To write about someone or something I hate. I thought hard to find someone I hate. I found a few, but did not feel like writing about any of them. Thinking about them ruined my mood. So instead of writing about someone I hate, I thought it would be better to write about something I hate in a person I like and respect.

I have a friend who is extremely nice,
With honesty and truth in her eyes.
She worries too much about trivial things,
I never understood what joy it brings.

“I hate myself”, one day she said.
I wondered what was going through her head.
I’d get annoyed and lose my cool,
Everytime she called herself a fool.

Being too nice was her only flaw,
Or at least that was the only fault I saw.
When you let people take you for granted,
The outcome won’t be what you wanted.


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