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Estonian debacle

Day sixteen of NaPoWriMo. Just when I thought things were getting back to normal. A truly wild prompt. To take a foreign language poem and translate it according to what the words sound like. It would of course make no sense. After messing with an Estonian poem. I don’t have te courage to look at what it really means:

First the original poem by Jürgen Rooste:

milleks on vaja luulet
ma küsin – milleks

kas luule lepitab
meie lahkuläind vanemad
tipa-tapa käekestest kinni
ilusti jälle kokku
nii nagu see alati on läind
nagu see ikka on käind
linnulaul ja päiksepaiste

And now my translation, or what it sounded to me like. Theshaurus was a big help in writing this:

Millers come via the inlet.
My cousins – Millers

Can loons levitate?
My lack of land went mad
Tippy-tapping cake eating king
lusting jelly and cocoa.
No name seen in Altai land
Name seen is one of a kind
Linnet Paul the Persian painter


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