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Metallic Apolcalypse

Day 14 of NaPoWriMo. The best prompt so far. To write a poem from the perspective of a Superhero/Supervillain. I had to opt for a supervillain. A true leader and from his perspective he is a saviour rather than a villain. I love this guy, and anyone with even a remote interest in comics or superheroes would not have trouble recognizing who it is about.

Equality is only an illusion.
You see us as an abberation.
I’m not someone who will run or hide,
Or pretend to be on your side.

When you thought you could exterminate,
Didn’t you realize you were sealing your fate?
I’ll have your world turned upside down,
With the missiles and guns you proudy own.

Your planes and tanks are powerless,
Against the magnetic powers I possess.
This time no one will save your souls,
Not even my good old friend Charles.


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