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Mindless Mayhem

A very interesting but easy prompt for Day eighteen of NaPoWriMo. To starts and end a poem with the same word. I thought about taking the outrageous challenge of using the word “antidisestablishmentarianism” for a moment. Then good sense finally prevailed as I thought it would end up to gimmicky even if I could pull it off. So i decided to focus something more serious and disturbing.

Cowards killing people in God’s name,
Mindless murder with no sense of shame.
Women and children can also be targets,
Misguided fools don’t have any regrets.

They keep spreading fear, for no rhyme or reason,
Their decaying brains filled up with poison.
Being misled by conniving monsters,
Letting them believe they are holy soldiers.

Bombs and guns unleash mayhem and bloodshed,
Adding fuel to the fire of our growing hatred.
Chaos and lawlessness the world heads towards,
But we will not bow down to ignorant cowards.


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