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My Best Friend

As if on cue, the prompt for Day seventeen of NaPoWriMo is the opposite of an earlier prompt. The same one I had skipped and got back to recently. It is about greeting someone or something into your life. I have used pretty much the same subject which I used for the farewell poem. This is not about a single individual but about various friends at different stages of my life.

To me you came as a breath of fresh air,
Ideas and thoughts, with glee I could share.
With simple pleasantries we started off,
Into discussions, I can’t have enough of.

Life itself seemed more meaningful,
When we hung around with our tea cups full.
Our heads were filled with countless dreams,
But we laughed out loud with dramatic screams.

I thank my fate, that led me to this place,
Or else you’d not be a familiar face.
I don’t see you now, too often at all,
Whenever I feel, I can give you a call.


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