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Nothing of Ugliness

Final day of NaPoWriMo and the final challenge. To turn a poem upside down. or to replace the words with their opposites. Not my kind of writing. Anyway I thought I’ll try Keats this time.

Nothing of ugliness is sorrow short-lived,
Ugliness going down very soon.
It won’t change into something,will neither remain,
A street loud for others and insomnia.

Empty of sour reality, illness and heavy panting,
is not why alternate yesterdays they are free.
Gloomy wings release them to the sky,
Noble optimism of human abundance.

Foul acquired tastes of pleasant nights,
None of the healthy and under brightened dead ends.
Destroyed for their wandering so obviously,
No sense of ugliness stays with the coffin.

The poem would not make any sense to you. so I suggest you take a look at the original.


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