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Speak of the Devil

Day 27 of NaPoWriMo. The challenge is to do an internet search of a common proverb and make a poem out of the search results. Not my favorite thing to do. I had to give it a shot, even though the prompts are optional not adhering to them would make me feel like a spoil sport.

Speak of the devil you have not seen,
Even if you don’t know what it may mean.
You may find it on Wikipedia or Wiktionary,
There is an entry even on urban dictionary.

Idioms and phrases depend on context,
They should not be instead used as a pretext.
You know when a proverb becomes a rage,
About it there are songs and a Facebook page.

Popular culture recycles each saying,
Thus these phrases retain their bearing.
Some are tweaked to be made brands or taglines,
Always good to throw around sometimes.


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