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Day five of NaPoWriMo. The most challenging prompt so far in this edition. To write a ‘golden shovel’. The idea is to write a poem, where the last word of each line would form the words of an existing poem. A shorter poem was recommended to be used for inspiration. I picked one which was marginally longer than the recommended length. LOTR fans may readily recognize the original poem/song.

This one has to be by far the longest poem I have ever written. Towards the end of this poem, I got the feeling that I may have bitten off more than I could chew. It was a fulfilling experience though. I needed a topic on which I could write endlessly. I thought I’ll write as if I’m giving advise to someone. Please do read the last words of each line to uncover the original poem.

We can’t always have it all.
What’s important, focus on that.
You need not accept something as it is,
Even if we can’t always win gold.
What one can do, one rarely does,
If you think life’s unfair, fear not.
There’s often pain behind the glitter.

There are plenty of critics. Listen not,
To the one’s who put you down despite all
That you achieve. They will discount those,
Who try. Don’t be among the ones who,
Wait for a saviour, while letting their minds wander.
Try to find out who you truly are.
Figure out your wants before you get lost.

What matters most are the,
Things you remember when you grow old.
You always need to keep in mind that,
What appears is often not how it is.
Essential it is for you to stay strong.
Being sincere, in what one does,
Rewards oneself, results matter not.
For dreams ignored gradually wither.

When spirits go down, you have to dig deep,
The strength of a tree lies in its roots.
True power lies in the person you are.
Unsolicited opinions matter not.
Major milestones have been reached,
By those who refused to merely get by.
What should not happen is to let the,
Dreams go cold gathering frost.

Resilience is where greatness comes from.
What you cannot give up is the,
Self belief that can raise you, even from ashes.
What keeps the great going is a,
Cause that defines them and burns a fire,
that keeps telling them what they shall,
Do to make them become all that they can be,
And have the latent flair woken.

What brightens your prospects is a
Friend or an ally who shines the light
That shows you the way and saves you from,
Your own doubts, despair and the,
Sinking feeling ever lurking in the shadows.
Assure yourself and your drive shall,
Prepare you for any surprise at you life may spring.

It is vital to keep faith renewed,
For only those with resolve shall,
Endure the hardships and possibly be,
Prepared enough to swing the blade,
To vanquish their crippling fears that,
Make them forget what their purpose was.
A goal has to survive every time it is broken

Staying true to yourself will give you the, 
Feeling of ruling the world albeit crownless.
Getting back on your feet again and again,
Will give you the confidence that shall,
Make you as mighty as you ever can be.
A version of yourself not less than, a Queen or a King.


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