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Traffic Now

Day six of NaPoWriMo. Today’s prompt doesn’t quiet work for me. Things you see out of your window. I like to build a theme before I start writing.
Luckily I am in a bus right now. The view out of my window, hence keeps changing. Its mostly traffic though.

Listening to a song I don’t understand,
I glance outside the window and look,
At all the busy people trying their hand,
To get ahead of the traffic, by hook or by crook.

Sunday evening shopping was still on.
Every other one, carrying something newly bought.
The energy was low with the weekend gone.
The weather was pleasant as it was not too hot.

The air was thick with dust and smoke.
It did not discourage those in search of street food.
Caught deep in their thoughts no one spoke.
Patiently waiting in a somber mood.


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