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The Jacket I Lost

Day seven of NaPoWriMo. It’s hard to believe that it’s already been a week. Today’s prompt is to write a ‘love poem’. Should be easy, as love has inspired countless poets. Well, there is a twist. The subject of the poem has to be inanimate.

It was more than a year ago,
That my eyes wandered on to it.
On a dusty road, it was put on show.
In the fading light, the stall was well lit.

Had to be bought, I made up my mind.
I asked the seller, I wanted to try it out.
In negotiating the price, he wasn’t kind.
I was never equipped for a bargaining bout.

I was never fussy about what I wore,
But jackets always attracted me.
I hardly use them, but I still want more.
This one specially was made for me.

I put it on with pride, whenever I could.
Even when it was not all that cold.
I often wondered, if I should,
Buy every jacket that’s being sold.

Once I got this one I thought,
For a while I won’t need another.
In my cupboard it would rot.
Through the hot and drawn out summer.

It was precisely a year later,
I returned to the city where it was bought.
Eating at a restaurant I did not bother,
To notice the jacket I forgot.

It came to me while leaving town.
What I left behind on a restaurant chair.
The prized possession, I would no longer own,
That was to protect from the chill in the air.


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