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High on Love

Day eleven of NaPoWriMo. A mixed bag feeling from today’s prompt. To write an anacreontic poem. The style means each line would have seven syllables and the poem would be about wine and love.

Disclaimer: I do not drink, but I’m not trying to pass judgment at those who do.

Alcohol’s charm has never,
Had any kind of power,
Over me to make me feel,
I need it to help me heal.
In love whenever I fell,
What’s right and wrong I could tell.

If its for a drink you crave,
Each time you need to feel brave,
You think with a glass of wine,
You’ll find hope that’ll make you shine.
You are clearly mistaken,
And your confidence shaken.

Belief in yourself is how,
You regain confidence now.
Alcohol clouds your judgment,
Won’t know where common sense went.
If down your throat, wine you shove,
Won’t help your chances at love.


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