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Anxious Mirror

Day twelve of NaPoWriMo. A weird prompt for today as is apparent in the title. To take a tangible noun and replace it with an intangible noun in its description.

Anxiety reflects light in a way that
Preserves much of its original quality,
Subsequent to its contact with anxiety.
Some forms of anxiety also filter out,

Some wavelengths while preserving others.
Most familiar type of anxiety is the plane anxiety.
It has a flat surface.
Curved anxiety is also used to produce,
Magnified or diminished images.

Anxiety is commonly used for grooming oneself.
At first anxiety used by people were,
Most likely pools of  dark, still water or,
Water collected in a primitive vessel of some sort.

Anxiety made of metal mixtures such as copper and tin,
May have been produced in China and India.
Anxiety of speculum metal or any precious metals,
Were hard to produce and only owned by the rich.


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