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Day fifteen of NaPoWriMo. At half way it looks pretty straightforward that I would be able to finish NaPoWriMo this year as well. Today’s prompt is to write a terza rima. Bonus points if I could write it in an iambic pentameter. If these words seem new to you, you are not alone. I found out what they mean only a few minutes ago.

I left behind the world I know as I,
Longed to travel beyond, the trees and hills.
Childhood was good, but now I can’t get by.

New risks will be taken, as they bring thrills.
I will keep on roaming, till the next day.
Before the wild landscape, with light it fills.

I will make sure, I don’t forget my way.
I can’t afford, to go back to my place.
People made me, leave town by what they say.

No one can catch me, now as I set pace.
Explore the wild, and see all the mysteries.
One day I may, give birth to a new race.

Enough cried and blamed, for my own tragedies.
Today I’m free, I can follow my dreams.
I’m now equipped, to fight many maladies.

No one paid heed, to my painful loud screams.
With each moment, life becomes bit clearer.
I will survive, as hopeless as it seems.

I’m set to live, the life of a wanderer.


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