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The Strange Ones

Day twenty of NaPoWriMo. Today’s prompt is a tricky one. To write in the voice of someone in your family. It’s hard enough to keep track of your own thoughts. To speak from someone else’s perspective? How do I do that? Thankfully there was also a helpful suggestion. Try the voice of your four year old niece. Since I have a three year old nephew I thought he would be an interesting choice.

Why do you insist, on carrying me?
When I have legs, to take me around.
Why change your voice, when talking to me?
Its not cute when you, mimic my sound.

I’ll admit that I, like attention.
Don’t keep staring, at all that I do.
You might have, a noble intention.
But what I do, does not concern you.

Please let me eat, when and what I want.
My feeding is not, entertainment.
Whatever I do, why do you haunt?
Why do you behave, like a government?


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