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Day twenty one of NaPoWriMo. Today’s challenge is to write a New York School Poem.

I never knew, that your name was Liz,
Till ’twas mentioned, on your wedding day.
The priest spilled the beans, then it made sense,
Why your email id,  sounded strange.

When deep in thought, you would stroke your chin,
Like an imaginary beard, bothered you.
Things were joyful, when you were around,
The stressful situations, mattered not.

I remember, your juvenile crushes,
Especially on, Robert Pattinson.
Your great passion, for the little things,
Made office life a lil bearable.

Bumping into you in Koramangala,
Was always an unexpected joy.
Your loud and uncontrollable laughs,
Would force my mind into happiness.

We shared a special love for good food,
Copying you, I had spicy Maggi.
Burgers and fries, were like staple food,
Even slapstick movies became fun.

Through you I made, a lot of dear friends.
The time we spent, fondly remembered.
You were discreet, and good with secrets,
Proving you are a trustworthy friend.


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