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Day twenty two of NaPoWriMo. Today’s challenge is to write a nursery rhyme. This is something I never thought I would do. Since I like to think of myself as against establishment, I thought I’d write an anti rhyme.

You start your schooling, with rhymes and songs,
It’s a fun and easy, way to learn.
Fun is not the only thing, one longs,
When you find out things, knowledge you earn.

Learning should not, be seen as a task,
Books cannot teach, what experience does.
To find the answers, you simply ask,
Instead of learning, from your syllabus.

Kids are born curious, that’s what should drive,
Their thirst for knowledge, will not subside.
A syllabus stops, their prospect to thrive.
Books cannot have, all knowledge inside.

Let’s forget our rhymes, and observe all,
Let our interests, decide our pursuits.
That’s how you’ll find, about your true call,
Or else your labor, will not bear fruits.


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