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Forgotten Fort

Day twenty four of NaPoWriMo. Today’s challenge is to write about masonry or things on the lines of walls, arches and stuff.


Next to my old school, there lies an old fort.
But all forts are old, who would build one now?
Who built it and why, later we can sort.
All we can do is exclaim holy cow!

Urban legends are spawned, by structures old,
Said to have tunnels, leading to places,
Far away, if you believe what you’re told.
But you do not doubt, familiar faces.

Cemetery and school, form a potent mix,
Of spinning stories, that defy logic.
Those juvenile minds, and their wild histrionics,
Give rise to legends, of ghosts and magic.

The countless myths and, growing literature,
Surround the place with the fort at center.
The deserted fort, blends into nature,
The most majestic sight, you’ll encounter.


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