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Something my BFF gave me

Day twenty seven of NaPoWriMo. Today’s prompt is to write an Ekphrastic Poem. That is to write a poem based on a picture. What I wrote yesterday was an ode to friendship. I don’t think I had enough of it. Hence I thought I’ll write today’s based on friendship as well.

Best thing you find in a school is a friend,
Friendship perhaps is the first thing you earn.
They get broken and you might have to mend,
That’s how you grow and to forgive you learn.

Precious are the handful friendships that last,
Most just wither in a few years apart.
Some find it hard but some make friends quite fast,
It’s quite tricky much like matters of heart.

Every once in a while or a lifetime,
You meet someone with whom you can relate.
You can hardly believe how your thoughts rhyme,
Thoughts may also differ but don’t cause hate.

Unlike your kin your friends you get to choose.
Who you put your trust in you’ve to be wise.
A real good friend you can’t afford to lose,
In a lifetime they may hardly come twice.


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