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Lost Caterpillar

Day twenty nine of NaPoWriMo. Hard to believe NaPoWriMo ends today. Perhaps it’s befitting that today’s prompt appears to be the most challenging one I have seen here. The challenge itself is called ‘Twenty Little Poetry Projects’. In a way its like using twenty different prompts in one poem.

A caterpillar does not fly,
They feel so soft and eatable.
They keep eating leaves without sound.
While some come in vibrant colors,
Some come with stink glands for defense.
How they would taste I do not know,
To me they always seemed bitter.

Someone told me while in Mysore,
Caterpillars can be noisy,
If Superman was from krypton
Doesn’t that prove aliens exist?
Sometimes I just think about it.
I am such a wantrepreneur.
Nimisha texted me right now,
Sumne othla odi beda.

A playful creature of hunger,
Hangs on leaves as firm as the trunk.
Jumping between trees feet apart.
That’s when Butchi showed some interest.

The caterpillar shall grow fast,
And turn a clumsy butterfly.
It will be the strongest creature.
The trees would bow down to it’s might,
somos todos macacos right?
The caterpillar gnaws for now.


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