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Forgotten Friend

Day thirty of NaPoWriMo. Which also happens to be the last day. At least for this year. Today’s prompt is apt for the day. To write a farewell poem. Most probably this would be my last post here for this year as well. Thank you Maureen.

It was through a common friend that we met,
We hit it off from the first time we talked.
You were one of the best friends one could get,
None of the views shared were mocked.

Every silly instance we would have shared,
We talked about all the things under the sun,
Happy feeling we had a friend who cared.
When I look back, surely those days were fun.

It felt special when you called me at three,
You were disturbed someone had died next door.
You knew I would sleep late and should be free,
You must have placed some trust in me therefore.

You called me to invite for your wedding.
After that day friendship never was same.
I planned to come and I kept on planning,
My plans collapsed I don’t recall what came.

Never did I receive a call from you,
I could not find what it was that went wrong.
After that day I could not call you too.
I wish someday we meet and talk for long.


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