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Day one of NapoWriMo 2015. Having completed two editions before, I am feeling moderately confident of finishing this one as well. As always to get it started is the hardest thing, but this time the first prompt is out many hours earlier than usual considering people living east of the US. Today’s prompt is to write a poem in the style of this one by Bernadette Mayer. I have a fear of heights. It would scare me if I’m standing at the edge of a terrace without railings even on a single storey building. When in college I started challenging myself by climbing water tanks on the campus and enjoying the view from the top. I could still not venture near the edge, but I found the experience remarkable. Around this time I saw a newspaper article on mountaineering schools. That’s when it struck me, I wanted to be a mountaineer. That was around 15 years ago. To this day I have not even been on a trek.

An image of Mount Everest

I guess it’s too late to go climb mountains,

I guess it’s too late to walk that path.

I guess it’s too late to start a new career,

I guess it’s too late to leave everything and go.

I guess I’ll have to write it off as a dream,

I guess I’ll have to continue doing what I do.

I guess I’ll never know the view from the peak of a mountain,

I guess I’ll have to regret letting go of that choice.

I guess the mountains will always be there.

I guess that’ll always remind me of my failure.

I guess it is too expensive for me,

I guess I would not have the time as well.

To leave my job will not be easy,

I guess I always choose the safest option.

My life would be devoid of adventure,

I guess my dreams will not come true.

The view that I miss, I’ll catch from the window of a plane,

The adventure, I’ll find in movies and video games.

Stairs seem to be the only thing that I’ll climb,

While images of mountains will adorn my laptop screen.

Even stairs get me breathless and my muscles ache,

At this age a dreadful mountaineer, I would make.

Dreams of this nature may not come true,

I guess it still inspires me to write about them though.


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