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Morning Rituals

Day six of NaPoWriMo. The challenge for today is to write an aubade. It need not be a love poem, it could be a song about Monday morning. Monday mornings usually evoke strong sentiments for most people who work during weekdays.

An unwelcome light peeks through the curtains.
A rude wake up call that makes you glance,
At the time, unaware if you have overslept.
Your eyelids are heavy, so is your head,
An unknown force keeps you tied to your bed.

You fight yourself and the sheets as if restrained by a lock,
A struggle to stand up like you’re only learning to walk.
You’re under a daze till a splash of water hits your face.
Rushing through your daily rituals, against time you will race.
These morning rituals to be repeated till the week ends.


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