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Contemporary Mythology

Day eight of NaPoWriMo. The prompt for today is to write a Palinode. A palinode is where you retract an earlier statement in an earlier poem. Or if you are not such a prolific poet you could simply write about your change in stance.


A picture from Bangalore Comic Con 2015. Cosplay of Harry Potter characters

Looked down upon by a lot of adults,
Fantasy doesn’t always receive it’s due.
Fanbases may often resemble cults,
As the common interests bind them like glue.

I’m myself guilty of this crime as well,
As Potter and Rings looked silly to me.
They were a craze as far as I could tell.
A lack of good taste in what they should see.

I failed to see the hypocrite I was,
Superheroes were not silly to me.
I was now forced to stop, look back and pause,
I realized that I had a lot to see.

That was years ago, now I find myself,
Thinking about anime in that light.
The content may be hard to find yourself,
With no otaku’s expertise in sight.

TV channels don’t seem to find it cool,
Buying online is hard and expensive.
Illegal downloading can’t be my tool.
This dilemma, has now got me pensive.


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