The Half Blood Prince

Day nine of NaPoWriMo. Today’s challenge is to write a calligram. This one is an intimidating one. I seriously considered not taking the prompt. Not trying something so interesting would be a missed opportunity. As the saying goes you’ll always regret the things you don’t do rather than the things you do. I ended up writing another piece of fan fiction. I apologize to hardcore fans in advance who may not agree with the point of view presented here. Also apologies for my handwriting. This was something I really enjoyed. I would definitely do this again. I think I may have found my calling with below mediocre skills in writing and drawing I guess this is where I may be able to make use of both those underdeveloped skills.


Here is the transcript of the above image in a more readable form.

There’s hardly anyone who’s as misunderstood as him,
He may be fictional but you still wouldn’t want to cross him.
The long greasy hair parting in the middle and that glare,
Will give you chills, to look at him twice you will not dare.

Very few knew who he really was,
He was often alone in his cause.

Until the end,
A faithful friend.
And sly
Was how he was seen,
His conscience was clean,

Despite his bitterness and pain, he knew what he wanted.
His suffering didn’t stop him from finishing what he had started.
He was selfless when he laid down his life for another,
He did it all out of friendship and love for the kid’s mother.


2 comments on “The Half Blood Prince

  1. This is seriously stunning 🙂

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