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Day ten of NaPoWriMo. The challenge for today is to write an abecedarian poem. A poem based on the alphabet structure. After yesterday’s delightful challenge of writing a calligram, nothing seems challenging enough. Did I say that too soon? May be I should wait till the end of the month.

An empty feeling overcomes you,
Before you realize what’s happening.
Calm yourself, you try to tell yourself,
Defying yourself, you start feeling down.

Everytime you see this pattern but,
Few things are there that can be done here.
Going through it is the only way,
Help is usually found in a good friend.

It’s hard to ever keep it at bay,
Jest and fun can also fail at times.
Keeping to yourself will make it worse,
Little by little time slowly heals.

Many a times it is a mood swing,
Not always will it go on its own.
Other ailments get you down as well,
Protecting yourself, you may struggle.

Questioning yourself, you wonder about,
Right and wrong of whatever happened.
Sadness is a hard thing to deal with,
Trouble that slowly grows on to you.

Under stress, things tend to get much worse.
Very few manage to stay above,
Worries and fears that keep you contained.
X-ray machines can’t find the trouble,

You find your own way to fight sadness,
Zesty and fierce, put on a brave face.


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