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My Virtual World

Day seventeen of NaPoWriMo. Today’s prompt is to write a poem with a social network theme.

Social media has plenty of critics,
Sometimes blamed for all of society’s ills.
Their objections are dismissed as antics,
Drawbacks forgiven for the time it kills.

I have made all kinds of friends I can think,
Some of them retired, some still go to school.
Updates from friends or an interesting link,
If you use it right, it’s a handy tool.

To find people who share common interests,
Who help you carry forward with your dreams.
You have to be weary of a few pests,
The best things though, are those creative memes.

Activists fighting for a noble cause,
Internet goons trying to push their view,
All keep scrolling till something makes them pause.
They like, comment till they find something new.

Like everything else there is good and bad,
You do what you like and know right from wrong.
About social media, you will feel glad,
You’ll be hooked to it before it’s too long.


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