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Day eighteen of NaPoWriMo. Today’s prompt is about an urgent message/journey. An interesting experience during my student days. This is about an important message that did not reach me.

Schooldays are fun for almost everyone,
Except the time when exams are happening.
People scared as if threatened by a gun.
To me that always seemed quite amusing.

As someone who studies on the day before,
I would turn up with some sort of a plan.
It was unlikely for me to therefore,
To panic or be the most worried man.

Then this day comes, I walk in as usual,
Walking around, I feel there’s something wrong.
I become aware, I’m no more casual,
I lie to myself, trying to stay strong.

Everyone seems to be preparing,
For a subject I’m not expecting soon.
I then confirm my worst fears by checking,
My friends look and laugh like I’m a buffoon.

There’s hardly any time, it’s just too late,
It’s hopeless, I have messed up really bad.
It’s pointless to write, I’ve sealed my fate,
Nothing could be done in the time I had.

Now are they playing a horrible prank,
To get back at me for the things I’d done?
Surely I could trust someone to be frank.
And no one would do such a thing for fun.

Feeling suffocated and gasping for air,
Woke up in bed, to the sound of a snore.
The whole thing turned out to be a nightmare,
I was not even in school anymore.


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