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Gender Bias

Day nineteen of NaPoWriMo. Today’s challenge is to write a Landay. It was fascinating to see the history of this form of poetry. You can’t help wonder about the plight of those women. In my part of the world things are certainly better, but sexism is still rampant. Whether it be jokes or popular culture.

Today we claim to have equality,
A closer look at the facts will reveal the reality.

We may not be in a conflict zone,
Our problems are often unseen by those on the throne.

Often blamed for the problems we face,
Conservative bigots bash us to increase their fan base.

There is always a curfew for us,
The length of our skirt, the hottest topic to discuss.

Jokes about rape are considered cool,
If you object you’re either a spoilsport or a fool.

Seen as a property in a marriage,
True independence remains elusive at every age.


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