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High Priestess

Day twenty three of NaPoWriMo. Today’s prompt is in two stages. First to pick a card from a deck and write about it. It could be any deck, like playing cards, tarot, UNO among others. I thought tarot cards would be the most interesting. The second step is to make a poem out of the passage you wrote. The card I picked was ‘The High Priestess’.


The High Priestess picture courtesy: Wikimedia foundation

I’m not a believer in tarot cards,
But there’s a fascination for it.
The high priestess reminds me about, Ancient Greece, their city states and, Patron gods, goddesses and their, Priests and also priestesses.

It does not make me feel spiritual.
I do love reading mythology.
Plenty of fascinating stories. 
Exotic creatures and powerful gods.
It’s like an ancient version of,
Lord of the rings or Harry Potter.

Priestesses have more or less had,
A passive role in most stories.
Unlike the gods and goddesses,
They did exist though. Perhaps there are, still a few left, though we don’t hear.


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