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The Priestess Returns

Day twenty four of NaPoWriMo. For the first time, I seem to be behind schedule. Today’s prompt is to write a parody or satire on an existing poem or one of your own. I would prefer to use one of my own so that I do not end up ruining the works of real poets. I chose to use the last poem I wrote ‘ The High Priestess’.

Tarot cards are a fancy scam,
Hence I chose to write about it.
The priestess card should have been good,
But clearly the poem was not.
Ancient Greece had better things than,
Those useless priests and priestesses.
Scamming peasants and kings alike,
With stories fit for comic books.

Better stories have been written,
The myths inspired generations though,
Forcing them to worship something,
To give the lazy, a good job.
When they were mere storytellers.


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