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The Hammer

Day twenty five of NaPoWriMo. Today’s prompt is to write a Clerihew. I started thinking of interesting names. I liked the style because I tend to do a lot of forced rhyming. I thought I’ll write a bunch from the scene of a movie that I recently saw.

Clint Barton,
Thought he could lift a tonne,
The hammer gave a fight,
Too strong for his might.

Tony Stark,
Had in his eyes a spark.
With tech he thought he would succeed,
Mjolnir though would not pay heed.

Bruce Banner,
Wasn’t much of a planner.
It was pointless having a go.
When he had failed as his alter ego.

Natasha Romanoff,
Is not a show off.
She keeps a low profile,
Finds the challenge juvenile.

Steve Rogers,
Among all other challengers,
Was the only one who made it budge,
Almost worthy if the hammer were to judge.


One comment on “The Hammer

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