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Lady of Rohan

Day twenty six of NaPoWriMo. Getting really close to the end of another April. The challenge for today is to write a persona poem. To write in the voice of a famous person, someone from history or even from fiction. Since I have written a handful of poems that could be called fanfiction, I thought I might as well write another one.

I was born into a royal family,
But my life has been anything but princely.
Most of my life was spent in servitude,
All that refused to dampen my attitude.

My uncle was always my priority,
Ever since he lost grasp over reality.
Once I was rescued, I thought I’d be free,
But they could not see the fighter in me.

I still rode with them, without them knowing,
To the battlefield, to join the fighting.
Fighting for freedom, rubbing my shoulders,
With those who would be the best of soldiers.

My uncle fell, he was struck by a blow,
At the mercy of his deadliest foe.
Thrusting myself between them I stood there,
Undeterred under that vile creatures glare.

He was taunting me till I slayed his beast,
Who thought he could make my uncle his feast.
I plunged my sword into his formless head,
To protect my uncle, I had him dead.

I would have died without my little friend,
Whose bravery brought the creature to its end.


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