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Style or Substance

Day thirty of NaPoWriMo. Even though April is already over, I guess finishing within 24 hours of the last prompt should suffice. I have around 90 minutes left. Today’s prompt is to write the last line first and work your way up to your opening. Once finished, it would look normal since I’ll be writing each line above the previous line. This being the last poem of the year, I thought I’ll write about writing itself.

I prefer to write on specific themes,
Forcing a style, often ruins the work.
Techniques and rhymes are all over rated,
Style over substance is a false notion.

Using rigid syllable counts, and forced rhymes,
It could get technical and non-creative
Some days you feel pumped, lines fill up the page.
Then there are days, when your mind just goes blank.

The search for inspiration, interrupted by,
The smartphone beeps and the noise from TV.
For a poet there’s hardly anything,
That’s as intimidating as a blank page.


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