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Day one of my fourth NaPoWriMo (not counting the failed attempts before that). Though I promised myself to write poems in non-April months, I have failed miserably. I did attend a handful of events to listen to much better poets read out what they had penned down. I have a long way to go before I can really call myself a poet. I thought I’ll start this year righting about my number one enemy as a poet.

The prompt for day one was to write a lune. A three line poem with syllable counts of 5-3-5.

I think to myself,
and wonder.
why my mind goes blank?

Everytime that I,
notice you,
looking back at me.

You’re nothing special,
yet you are,
my most feared nemesis.

You’d go unnoticed,
on most days,
and to most people.

Great many folks are,
easily fooled,
by your demeanor.

Like a tonne of bricks,
you hit me,
everytime I write.

Your Medusa gaze,
blocks my mind,
thoughts escape my head.

The necessary evil,
that you are,
you don’t deserve hate.

You are not the one,
to be blamed,
the fault lies with me.

I guess every word,
is victory,
against the blank page.


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