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Day two of NaPoWriMo. Today’s challenge is to write a poem about family. Since I write semi-anonymously, I thought I’ll write about a fictional family. Some people have family pictures in their wallet. This family features on my wallet.


The Simpsons family on my wallet

Crawling around on all fours unnoticed,
she pops up into many a sequence.
She expresses without speaking a word,
an icon, though an eternal infant.

She’s the child prodigy, the middle child,
lack of attention does not deter her.
An independent girl of many talents,
overshadowed by her reckless brother.

The ten year old boy is quite the nightmare,
to parents, teachers, anyone in town.
He’s known for his pranks around the whole world,
his skateboarding skills and his boyish charms.

She’s the binding glue, or the saving grace,
of an otherwise dysfunctional family.
Her resourcefulness, keeps it together.
The tower of blue hair’s her signature.

He’s charming despite his unflattering looks,
he’s a disaster of assorted flaws.
His actions often lead to a big mess,
he always does the right thing in the end.

I’m sure you know this is about Simpsons,
sorry I left out the cat and the dog,
I also excluded grandfather Abe,
for this family, let’s all thank Matt Groening.


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