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Day three of NaPoWriMo. Today’s prompt is to write a fan letter. I wanted to pick someone other than an actor or singer or a sportsperson. I finally settled on someone who is also an actor but acting is not what she is primarily known for.


Borrowed from Ellen's Wikipedia page

It was a time when I was losing faith,
in things that were supposed to be funny.
Repetitive humor had taken it’s toll,
nothing’s new out there, I’d come to believe.

Your show came to me as a revelation,
thanks to my Mom, and her taste in TV.
Your energy, presence and that sincere smile,
made me fall in love with TV again.

You taught me the joy, dancing can bring,
an hour a day, became a lot of fun.
Awed by your playful nature and charm,
It didn’t take long for me to be your fan.

It took me a while, to figure it out,
that you were also the forgetful fish,
I can hardly wait to see you again,
This time your character in central role.

You also made the most marvelous host,
of any oscar night, I can recall.
Who can forget that iconic picture,
that’s a legend of Internet folklore?

Your wit and thoughts and the memorable quotes,
make you the powerhouse role model you are.


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