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Day five of NaPoWriMo. The prompt for today was to take inspiration from seed names. As part of the prompt database names were also provided. After going through a few seeds available there I thought it would be interesting to write endorsing the seeds. Thankfully I don’t do this for a living.

It may resemble a giant strawberry,
with a flavor spectrum both broad and deep,
Shoulders smooth or slightly ribbed, you’re looking,
at German Red Strawberry Tomato.

If you live in a place with long winters,
You’ll need compost or something organic,
to enjoy the sweet, white succulent flesh,
of Walla Walla Sweet Dry Bulb Onion.

You may feel color’s missing in your life,
You can add color to your salad though,
Spicier than the ordinary ones try the,
Seven inch long Cosmic Purple Carrots.

Wrapped up on the outside in blue-green leaves,
Tends to look most beautiful in the fall.
Grows and thrives even in a hot weather,
suits the name Savoy Perfection Cabbage.

Slice them for cooking, pickles or salads,
The tall tops make it good for greens as well.
It’s best to plant them in the early spring,
for the best Early Wonder Tall Top Beet.

Protected from heat by self wrapping leaves,
The white curds are safe from the harshest summers.
Regulates it’s growth, depending on weather.
Named Snowball Self-blanching Fall Cauliflower.


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