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Dual Centres of Existence

Day eleven of NaPoWriMo. Running two days behind now. The prompt for day eleven is to write about something very descriptively before a surprising revelation in the last line.


A picture of my wallet clicked using my smartphone

I’ve had you with me for quite a long time,
You keep me company on most occasions,
You’ve always been taking care of my needs,
I take care of you too when you feel down.

Having you by my side makes me feel safe,
I can talk to you whenever I want.
I might lose my identity without you,
Without you I’ll be left alone for days.

The feel of your skin is reassuring,
The sound of your voice often cheers me up.
I can’t imagine my life without you,
I can’t imagine my life without you.

Sans my smartphone and wallet I’d be free.

Note: the alternate lines are addressed to my wallet and smartphone respectively. Since I’m writing this on the thirteenth I thought a thirteen line poem would make sense.


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