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Future is in your hand

Day thirteen of NaPoWriMo. Finally manage to catch up with the day’s prompt. The prompt for today being fortune cookies. Again I’m glad I’m not doing this for a living. Since it’s about predictions I thought I’ll go on a tangent and write about palmistry.


I was the only hand model available

Your lifeline appears rather long and strong.
A line I use to hook the customer on.
I’ll point out distinct lines of heart and head.
A tactic to establish competence.

Few more vague statements and probing questions,
Keeping them engaged and earning their trust.
Point out some concern in the near future,
To show that you’re not merely flattering them.

Building concern will get them interested,
Nothing else will get that much attention,
Do give a solution to be careful,
So they’ll feel they heard something of value.


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