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Day sixteen of NaPoWriMo. Today’s prompt is to write a poem based on a set of answers to questions about a specific place. I chose my hometown of Thalassery as that is the town I know most about.


Thalassery is also known for delicious snacks

A coastal town on the Arabian Sea,
Rains interrupting an extended summer.
The only relief from the blistering heat,
Is the calming sea breeze hitting the coast.

If you climb up on a taller building,
All you’ll see are green heads of coconut trees.
You also see trees that are out of place,
Walking in the shade of acacia trees.

It’s also well known for it’s deadly snakes,
Fear not for there is a treatment centre,
That creates anti-venom for snakebites,
There’s a zoo for snakes and other reptiles.

An old British fort from colonial age,
Lies at the heart of the town I call home.
Containing a couple of caves and tunnels,
Ancient escape routes, hidden in plain sight.

Growing up in this wondrous little town,
I dreamed of becoming a magician.
For I thought magical powers were for real,
I never got that letter from Hogwarts.


The school where I grew up


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