Non Binary

Day fifteen of NaPoWriMo. Today’s prompt was to write about doubles it could be in form, subject or both.


Two is not always the norm

Things that come in twos seem to have balance,
Pales when compared to the one of a kind.

Most of our organs also come in pairs,
But not when it comes to the brain or heart.

Binary can work well with our computers,
But our thoughts are infinite and abstract.

Either or decisions are disasters,
It restricts you from finding solutions.

Even when you think that two is the norm,
The things you overlook would surprise you.

In what could be seen as an irony,
I’m two days behind on my challenge.


2 comments on “Non Binary

  1. Interesting take on the theme of doubles! And your last line cracked me up. Great job 🙂

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