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Day seventeen of NaPoWriMo. Today’s prompt is to write using words from a specialized dictionary. I chose psychology. Since I needed a common theme, I thought I’ll right about neurotransmitters. Some of them.


Caffeine has influence on most neurotransmitters

Acetylcholine activates muscles,
The ones involved in voluntary movement.
Ester of acetic acid and choline,
That’s how this neurotransmitter is named.

Part of reward motivated behavior,
Dopamine works throughout the entire body,
Also synthesised in most plants and animals,
Is linked to different kinds of diseases.

Increases arousal and alertness,
Norepinephrine can make you restless.
Often used as an injectable drug,
For treating critically low blood pressure.

Also goes by the name adrenaline,
Epinephrine can treat cardiac arrests.
Also used as a treatment for asthma,
Plays a key role in fight or flight response.

Serotonin helps the body with clotting,
Helps healing wounds as it’s a growth factor.
Is said to contribute to happiness,
It is present in plants and fungi too.


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