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Day eighteen of NaPoWriMo. Today’s prompt is to write a poem using expressions or words that you heard while growing up. When I think about the things I have been told while I grew up and my worldview today, there is a radical shift. Indoctrination is a strong word, there was just enough liberal thought around for me to at least gradually discover things for myself.
It does take time to get over the things you absorbed as a kid.


Since I was the youngest kid in the house,
I looked up to all, trying to learn from them.
Their white lies and stories I took to school,
Without question, I believed everything.

I didn’t mind it, t’was all in good spirit,
Later in life, I did this to others.
I wish they didn’t share their prejudice,
Preconceived notions, quite hard to erase.

People have no say in who they’re born as,
To be judged for that is highly unfair.
It gets even worse once it’s reaffirmed,
By friends, relatives and society at large.

It took me time, a couple of decades,
To realize that these things were mostly lies.
The mass acceptance, these stands had gotten,
Is quite worrisome and downright scary.

It took a lot of research and reading,
Guidance and advise from well informed friends.
They’ve passed on the baton, now my job is clear,
To fight for a world, that’s free of prejudice.


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