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Day twenty of NaPoWriMo. Today’s prompt is to write about something or someone without mentioning about them. I thought it’s time to try fanfiction again.


I thought it would be more appropriate to use his sign rather than an image.

Looking like a frail and fragile old man,
Vanquisher of the Balrog, Durin’s Bain,
Beneath his wise, calm and mild exterior,
Is a powerful force during his time.

The rider of the mighty Shadowfax,
Plays a pivotal role in many events.
He’s the wielder of the flame of Anor.
A guide for mortal men and an elf-friend.

The healer of Gwaihir, The Grey Pilgrim,
The White Rider is known by different names,
The immortal being, born as Olónir,
Spent centuries learning by traveling on foot.

It’s hard to believe, he felt scared and weak,
At the start of his world changing journey,
He remains immortal in our minds as,
The Glamdring wielding Istari Maiar


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