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Gingerbread House

Day twenty one of NaPoWriMo. Today’s prompt is to write about a fairy tale or myth from the perspective of a character who is of lesser importance. I thought I’ll choose the perspective of an inanimate but important character.


My mother welcoming those wicked kids

I lived in a jungle for quite some years,
It was the only home I ever knew.
I loved my mother and gave her shelter,
She took care of me despite her ill health.

She was very old, she could hardly see,
She  needed a diet high in protein,
She couldn’t hunt or work, neither could I,
Which is why she had me lure lost children.

The greedy children would just eat me up,
If my mother would not come and stop them,
She fed them everyday to get them fat,
Those nasty children get what they deserve.

Now don’t you dare judge her for what she eats,
When you do the same to helpless animals,
These filthy children, if we let them grow,
They’ll come back here and chop down every tree.

One day a couple of children came here,
They tore through my flesh eating me alive,
My mother saved me once more, one last time.
As usual she kept on feeding them both.

Finally when the day came for her to eat,
The cruel girl pushed her into the oven.
She burned alive as I stood there helpless,
Defenseless against kids and hungry beasts.


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