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Day twenty four of NaPoWriMo. Today’s prompt is to concoct a poem out of two sets of words. One set of words that are distinctly poetic, and the other set containing mundane words.


Waiting for an evanescent cool breeze,
Willing the traffic signal to turn green.
Craving a break in a bucolic place,
Trapped in what’s a brick and mortar demesne.

The climate brings with it a lassitude,
While you use the newspaper as a fan.
The only redolent scent that survives,
Is of the detergent from the laundry.

Felicity now seems like a distant dream,
All you see are overflowing dustbins.
Pamphlets littered all over the pavement,
A harbinger of desperate times to come.

At the incipient stage, we failed to see,
The threat of plastic bags from grocery stores.
With batteries and other electronic waste,
Forbearance is likely to cost us dear.


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